Simon Shone is a goldsmith by trade and since starting his business in 1987 has distinguished himself from others by forging uniqueness in his pieces so that they bare his signature in both design and craftsmanship.

He trained as a goldsmith at Durban technicon and did his apprentership under the mentorship of a well known and respected German designer who recognised and encouraged Simon’s artistic inclination and from where Simon developed his specific style.

Jewellery was his first focus and he has worked as a goldsmith for the past 25 years developing his individual style getting inspiration from nature and the beauty found therein. His affinity for wildlife is expressed in the realistic design of form and movement captured firstly in his jewellery and later in his framed Sculpture. His pieces create a lasting impression, many of them conversation pieces as they are not often obvious in their design.

His motivation is to take a flat piece of metal, precious or non-precious, and give it a three dimensional look, thereby creating movement. Producing his art by hand gives him the flexibility to be able to work with his customers in order to create that special piece for private collections or corporate awards.

His pieces are uniquely different and perfect for the person who has everything. Capturing something that is special to the client and producing it in a three dimensional image, thereby creating a beautiful piece of art, makes the perfect gift.

Each new commission is a challenge which Simon finds very satisfying and artistically fulfilling. The moment when the client, for the first time views their piece, is the most rewarding part of the commission, and that memory remains long after the client has left.

Simon has sold to customers all over the world and has been commissioned to create pieces for Ernie Els, Helen Zille, and Lance Armstrong to name but a few and has done portraits of many specific people in the corporate and sports world .

His art is constantly evolving and just when you think he’s settled into an art style he creates something new and progresses on another path of inspiration.

We invite you to visit our gallery at the Cape Quarter and view Simons work in a pleasant environment were at the very least you will experience ‘something different’